The Hop Research Council’s primary objective is to fund hop research. Each April the HRC issues a Request for Proposals. The proposals are reviewed at the Summer Meeting and then a final funding decision is made at the Winter Meeting.  During our 2019 winter meeting the HRC membership developed a detailed list of research priorities for 2019.  This document is listed below and can be used by researchers to help develop RFP's that address issues of importance to the HRC membership.     

If you are interested in applying for funding from the council, our FY2020 RFP will be available in April.  In the meantime, please read through the 2019 Research Priorities to help you address research that is of importance to the HRC.    

Powdery Mildew in Oregon Hops

Hops growers in Oregon have been battling powdery mildew disease for nearly 20 years, and new research shows a coordinated, areawide approach to the disease might just eliminate it.

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Research Priorities Plan
Our research priorities plan 2018 (for proposals for FY 2019) was developed through a survey of our HRC voting membership in January 2018. It lists our membership priorities for research funding for FY2019. We do, however, encourage innovative research project proposals that are outside of our internally created research priority plan.