Resources for Growers

Within this page we will place items of specific interest to growers, such as extension bulletins.  See bullet points and attachments below.  

  • »  Mating Disruption for Managing Prionus californicus in hop and Sweet Cherry. James D. Barbour, et., al. Published in Ecology and Behavior, February 2019. Abstract Link:
  • »
  • »  Influence of Nitrogen Fertility Practices on Hop Cone Quality. Anne E. Iskra, et., al. Published in Journal of the Americal Society of Brewing Chemists, 11 June 2019. Abstract Link:
  • »
  • »  Best Practices for Powdery Mildew Control in Hops (Dave Gent, et., al.), publication link:
  • »

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Managing Hop Stunt Viroid
Practical Applications from the Clean Plant Center NW, WSU, Prosser, WA