Resources for Growers

Within this page we will place items of specific interest to growers, such as extension bulletins.  See articles and links below.  

Mating Disruption for Managing Prionus californicus in hop and Sweet Cherry. James D. Barbour, et., al. Published in Ecology and Behavior, February 2019. Abstract Link:

Influence of Nitrogen Fertility Practices on Hop Cone Quality. Anne E. Iskra, et., al. Published in Journal of the Americal Society of Brewing Chemists, 11 June 2019. Abstract Link:

Best Practices for Powdery Mildew Control in Hops (Dave Gent, et., al.), publication link:

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Managing Hop Stunt Viroid
Practical Applications from the Clean Plant Center NW, WSU, Prosser, WA